Balancing neighborhood rights and development

Nancy McFarlane:  “For the second stop on the Neighborhood Tour I visited Yorkshire Downs, a neighborhood adjacent to the second place my family called home in Raleigh.  Our backyards shared a ravine, so it was fitting that we were there to talk about stormwater issues.

The neighbors contacted me to discuss their concerns about a city stormwater project. I have extensive experience with stormwater issues and projects so I was happy to listen and respond to their concerns.  The primary  intention of stormwater management projects are to control runoff for road safety, keep it out of people’s backyards and to protect the health of the waterways.  However, I do also agree that any work the City does involving easement rights should end up increasing property values and not decreasing them – as is the concern here.  There has to be an on-going effort to balance development, environmental protection and neighborhood rights.  As Mayor I will continue to prioritize this balance, just as I have for years on the City Council.”

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