Weatherfield place neighbors value quality of life

Nancy McFarlane: “On July 23 we braved the heat to talk to some of the residents in Weathersfield Place, a beautiful neighborhood in North Raleigh. As their City Councilor I have visited this neighborhood in the past to discuss the residents’ concerns over safety and traffic issues. I am happy to have helped my constituents successfully mediate issues with the city. On this trip I was looking forward to checking in with some of the people I met and to meet many others!

During this visit, I spoke with residents regarding Raleigh’s growth and development, and specifically how we can retain Raleigh’s charm while we manage our growth. I shared with small business owners my recent City Council proposal¬†to establish a streamlined Small Business Initiative; this service would provide a one-stop shop for people seeking advice and support while starting and operating small businesses, a clear way to help us develop Raleigh’s local talent, create jobs, and grow our economy.

Thanks you to the residents of Weathersfield Place for taking the time to talk about local issues!”