Nancy is first candidate to file for mayor

The Nancy for Mayor campaign is now officially underway! On July 23, 2011 Nancy filed papers to become Raleigh’s next mayor. Nancy was joined by family, supporters and friends.

“I’m proud to have been a part of the team that has helped make Raleigh the great place to live and work that it is. And as Mayor, I will continue to build on our accomplishments and keep Raleigh moving forward.”

In April, Nancy was the first in line to announce her readiness to serve as the next Mayor of Raleigh.

It is clear who is most prepared to lead Raleigh into the future.  It’s more than just her credentials in business, with neighborhoods and most importantly in government that make her the right person for the job.  It’s her ability to build consensus and bring people together to find real solutions that have Raleigh’s best interest at heart.  She is ready to continue leading Raleigh on the path to becoming a world-class, 21st century city that attracts high-quality jobs due to our rich quality of life.

We hope you’ll join Nancy over the next few months as she visits neighborhoods across city. Nancy is eager to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can make our city even better. If you’d like Nancy to knock on your door, please email

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