Capitol Broadcasting announces digital WRAL broadcasting on Raleigh’s CAT buses

Mobile digital television broadcasting joined forces with public transit, on Monday, April 13, as the City of Raleigh and WRAL, the CBC New Media Group, launched the first public deployment of mobile digital TV in a Capital Area Transit (CAT) bus. Capitol Broadcasting Chief Executive and President Jim Goodmon and Mayor Charles Meeker unveiled an pioneering program that allows CAT bus users to watch live WRAL broadcasting while on the bus. The announcement was made in front of the Raleigh Convention Center on Salisbury Street, the very spot from which the City initiated the Downtown Circulator just two months ago. About 30 people gathered outside the convention center to learn about the new program and take a ride on the bus. CAT bus passengers will be able to view WRAL’s local and syndicated programming throughout the day, as well as city-oriented news, real-time schedules, route-specific updates and other information on digital screens strategically placed inside buses. The monitors include a simulcast of WRAL’s programming, as well as a Doppler radar image showing the region’s weather, a seven-day weather forecast and space for advertising and city and CAT news, Goodmon said.

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