Creedmoor Road Study, Public Workshop

This week, there will be a three night public workshop to discuss the future of Highway 50, Creedmoor Road. As some of you may already know, there has been an impact study taking place since January that is due to be complete in December. A team has been put together to look into the effects of widening Highway 50 to four lanes. Commuting traffic from Granville County and the town of Creedmoor is, and has been, steadily increasing for the last few years. However, Highway 50 drains into Falls Lake, and widening the road would inevitably lead to a more polluted drinking supply for Raleigh.

The discussion about widening Highway 50 began in 2003, and has been a heavily debated topic between Granville and Wake Counties ever since. In the last seven years, the regulations imposed on Falls Lake have certainly become more stringent, but Falls Lake is still considered polluted.

It will be very interesting to begin to publicly discuss what the future holds for Highway 50. I encourage everyone who travels on Creedmoor Road to take part in the discussions this week. The meetings will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at the Shriner’s Temple located at 11101 Creedmoor Road. Please click here for more information on the project and to take part in a survey being conducted on the future of Highway 50.