Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Yesterday, the City unveiled our first two electric vehicle charging stations! These two stations are both downtown, located across from the Avery C. Upchurch Government Complex. During the next several months, you will begin to see more and more charging stations popping up. There are plans for a total of thirty stations to be installed throughout the City by next September! State and Federal Grants cover the complete costs of the stations.
Raleigh was selected to receive the grants because of our participation in Project Get Ready. We are one of three cities in the nation that is a part of the initiative to encourage the use of electric pug-in vehicles. Raleigh was declared to be one of just fourteen major cities that is “leading in rediness for plug-in electric vehicles.” The other two cities are Portland, Oregon and Indianapolis, Indiana.
I am looking forward to seeing more and more plug-in stations and vehicles in Raleigh!

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