Fire Operations Day!

This weekend, I was able to to take part in a very special day with the Raleigh Fire Department. They were gracious enough to host the City Council at Fire Operations Day. This was an unique opportunity to learn about the risk and reward involved with being a firefighter, and to experience first-hand what it’s like to be fighting a fire.

We started the day in the classroom, going through a series of exercises required for all emergency medical technicians and firefighters.

After our training session, we were presented with our gear and got prepared to put our knowledge to the test!

The Keeter Training Center, with a controlled fire ready to be extinguished!


The temperature inside exceeded 140 degrees, and I was exhausted after just a few minutes inside! I have a huge respect for the men and women who endure this heat and danger everyday to save lives. Thank you!!


I had such a great time at Fire Operations Day! A very special thanks to the Raleigh Fire Department for putting this together, it was the opportunity of a lifetime!