Honored & humbled. Thank you Raleigh!

Dedicated volunteers like Octavia Rainey made a difference!

Nancy McFarlane:

I am honored and humbled that the people of Raleigh have placed their confidence in me. Together we will continue to make Raleigh the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

I want to thank Mayor Charles Meeker for his dedicated service to Raleigh over the past ten years, and for his guidance and support. I have learned a great deal while serving with Mayor Meeker on the city council and look forward to a continued focus on making Raleigh the best it can be.

Thank you to my family – my parents, my husband Ron, and my children for their love and support.

But most of all, thank you.

Thank you to everyone who made a call, put up a sign, tweeted, emailed, worked the polls, stood in the rain, and generated support and enthusiasm for my campaign.

Moving forward, my #1 priority for America’s #1 city is to continue to improve our thriving economy. Through the small business development office, our city will work to help people start businesses and support existing small businesses in our community. Small businesses are the bedrock of Raleigh’s growing economy. Our city must continue to incubate innovative ideas and opportunities.

As we continue to move forward we need to remember what makes Raleigh special to each of us. To some it’s our parks and greenways. To others it arts and culture, business opportunity, neighborhoods, or our world-class public schools and institutions.

Whatever the reason, we must all work together to make sure that Raleigh always stays, well, Raleigh.