Housing options strengthen neighborhoods and help grow our economy

Nancy McFarlane:

This morning I was invited to give welcoming remarks to a crowd of over 1000+ affordable housing business leaders and community advocates who are meeting in Raleigh this week to identify emerging opportunities for improving the variety of housing options available to residents in our state.

Our vision for Raleigh’s future must continue to accommodate a variety of housing options across our city in the planning mix. I know that Raleigh can and will continue to be a place where people of all incomes and abilities can live, grow and thrive. Ensuring safe, quality, affordable housing options is a critical part of any city’s successful development.

The availability of workforce housing:

  • Creates and sustains new jobs
  • Retains educated and productive young professionals
  • Makes communities safer and reduces crime
  • Spurs economic growth and development
  • Provides housing options to teachers, firefighters, and others
  • Helps create a healthy community that we can all be proud of

I’m not the only person in Raleigh who knows that housing options are a good thing. I am proud to say that during our last election, Raleigh voters overwhelmingly approved a $16 million affordable housing bond. That bond will help finance affordable rental development and rehab, first time homeownership, and will even help with home repairs for those who are still suffering from April’s tornadoes.

On October 11, the people of Raleigh sent a message, that affordable housing is a priority in our city and I am excited to help keep our city moving forward on this critical issue.