Nancy’s Small Business Initiative passes unanimously

Raleigh City Council approves single-point-of-contact small business permitting process proposed by Nancy McFarlane

RALEIGH, N.C. – Mayor Pro Tem Nancy McFarlane’s Small Business Initiative was passed unanimously by the Raleigh City Council on Sept. 6. This initiative calls for a single-point-of-contact permitting process to make the process of opening a small business in the city as accessible, simplified and hassle-free as possible.

McFarlane, who is a candidate for Raleigh mayor, started her own small business MedPro Rx, an accredited specialty infusion pharmacy that provides infusion medications and services to clients with chronic illnesses, in Raleigh in 2002. Active in the local business community, she has firsthand knowledge of the challenges small businesses owners face when it comes to launching a new business.

“Small businesses play a vital role in the growth and development of our economy,” said
McFarlane. “With this single-point-of-contact small business permitting process, small business owners will now be able not only to start their companies more quickly, but also to create jobs and bolster our local economy. Raleigh is open for business, and I want to do everything that I can to help small business owners succeed.”

The initiative includes the establishment of a small business office within city government, the creation of a small business commission, and the engagement of citizens and coordination of private small business assistance. This initiative was originally brought before the Raleigh City Council on June 21.

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Nancy McFarlane is a Raleigh city councilor, a pharmacist and the president of MedPro Rx, Inc., an accredited specialty infusion pharmacy that provides infusion medications and services to clients with chronic illnesses. MedPro Rx has received numerous awards for its success and was most recently named the No. 1 business in the Triangle and the No.2 business in the South.

Passionate about maintaining and improving the quality of life in Raleigh, Nancy has served
on the Council since 2007. She is mayor pro tem for the City of Raleigh and is a candidate for the 2011 mayoral race. As chair of the Council’s Comprehensive Planning Committee and a member of the Budget and Economic Development Committee, she is active in campaigning for responsible development that protects not only the quality of life in Raleigh but also the environment. Nancy is also a liaison to the following organizations: Wake County Elected Officials Transit Work Group, Raleigh Arts Commission and United Arts Council, Upper Neuse Rivers Basin Association, Environmental Advisory Board, Substance Abuse Advisory Council, Storm Water Management Utility Commission, Triangle J Council of Governments, Water Advisory Committee, Sister Cities, and Wake County Schools. She is also involved with the Women’s Forum of NC and the Women on Board Steering Committee.

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