Our tree canopy represents Raleigh’s brand & identity

Bill Padgett is typical of Raleigh’s tree fans. Retired from N.C. State, he serves on one of the city’s Wade Avenue Citizens Advisory Council and on the board of Trees Across Raleigh.

“One of the big pleasures of Raleigh is how green we are,” he said. “The key is to maintain that and, as we have development, don’t lose that big canopy of trees.”

Padgett worries that the canopy may be in danger because of a gap in the tree preservation ordinance that exempts lots of less than 2 acres, a category that includes most of the city’s residential property. He said homeowners need to be given an incentive to keep trees.

Meanwhile, he is encouraged that Mayor Nancy McFarlane and other city officials are continuing the commitment to trees and to a greener Raleigh.

“If we ever get city government that says it’s not important,” he said, “it wouldn’t take long to plow it all down and lose it.”

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Nancy McFarlane: “Thank you Bill Padgett for your kind words. Bill’s efforts and the hard work and dedication of other neighborhood leaders are what make our city great. Together, we will continue to work to protect and enhance our city’s iconic tree canopy.”