We need people from all walks of life to build Raleigh’s future. Advocate for your community by being active in the political process.

First, Register to Vote and stay informed on Raleigh’s upcoming elections. [suggested- image of Nancy voting]

raleighcityopendata-300x163Learn more- a lot more- about Raleigh using the in-depth data available from the City of Raleigh’s Open Data. You can find everything from detailed budgets to permits and zoning maps to police and fire incident reports.

Get involved with your local Citizen Advisory Council, if you live in Raleigh you are already a member! CACs are nonpartisan councils that directly connect residents to the city government. Through their CAC, residents might vote on a proposed area development, meet with City representatives, and identify other priorities for their community. You can find details on your CACs meeting times and leadership here. [suggested- CAC map]

Looking to lead? Volunteers are needed to serve on Raleigh’s many Boards and Commissions. If one of these boards matches your passion, consider attending a meeting as a member of the public, then meet the board members; you can check for vacancies and apply here.