Racing the Cure – Our community matters

In March 2012 our community really showed up in loving support of Racing the Cure to benefit Oliver Gant and other kids and families bravely fighting cancer. A job well done by Jane Hoppen with St. Baldrick, Jedidah Gant – Oliver’s Dad and New Raleigh editor, and Councilor Bonner Gaylord who shaved his head to raise $11,000 for the cause!

Nancy McFarlane: “I’m so proud of our city and the overwhelming compassion that our citizens have for each other, and for families like Oliver’s, who are experiencing challenges that require community action and support. This event was a true testament to the fact that our community matters and that people here in Raleigh are there for each other. Neighborhoods represent the bedrock of Raleigh’s community. Together, we will continue to work to show love and provide support to families like Oliver’s, because that’s what neighbors do.”

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