Raleigh City Farm needs your support

Raleigh City Farm: “Raleigh City Farm is an urban farm startup growing food made from local rain, local compost, and local sunshine. We believe that every city needs an urban farm to reduce waste, improve our health, and deepen the connection we urbanites have to our own food supply.  We see urban agriculture as a major upgrade to city life. The need is great and the time is now.”

Nancy McFarlane: “Urban agriculture is a critical new trend that is reshaping cities across the country. Turning vacant lots into productive community amenities does more than just provide food to those who need it most – community gardens and urban farms bring residents together, make our neighborhoods more attractive and safer and spur economic development and growth. Perhaps the most critical benefit of urban agriculture is the positive impact on citizen’s health and well-being. In order to stay competitive, 21st century cities, like Raleigh, must continue to work to provide citizens with healthy lifestyle options. Community-based agriculture is a critical tool for keeping Raleigh healthy.”