Raleigh Council Candidates Square Off

A huge thanks to WakeUp Wake County, Wake County League of Women Voters and the Raleigh Downtowner for hosting this great candidate forum!



MYNC.COM – video of Nancy available online!


Transcript from Raleigh Public Record

Q: (moderator) What measures should the City of Raleigh take to protect the Falls Lake watershed and what measures should be taken to address stormwater regulations?

Nancy McFarlane: “There are many regulations we can improve on. One we’re considering is to increase the stormwater runoff requirements during construction. Silt is the biggest pollutant in Falls Lake, and it causes all kinds of problems. One of the things we are able to control is the amount of silt and stormwater that does wash off the sites. We’re looking at beefing up those, and they should be coming back for a vote before too long. The other thing we need to do is to start thinking about acting regionally. We can work together with municipalities to help beef up regulations.”

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