Raleigh Solar Projects

Yesterday Councillors Stephenson and McFarlane joined the American Institute of Architects for a tour of the SAS megawatt solar field off Trenton Rd. We were impressed by the size of this solar farm and the fact that it took only 3 months to install! We were also delighted to see that SAS has chosen to use sheep as their groundskeepers.

We also received an excellent presentation about not only the technical aspects of solar technology, but the business models of investing in renewable technologies. These are long-term investments which take about 5 years before any substantial returns are generated. Motivation for choosing to invest in these technologies are not just financial, but ethical. Renewable technologies are a socially and environmentally responsible way to reduce our impact on the Earth and our dependence on foreign oil. FAQ about Solar.

Last year SAS installed the 1-megawatt solar photovoltaic farm, comprised of 5,040 ground-mounted panels on five acres, which is one of the largest solar electric systems in the Southeast. Southern-Energy Management is the primary contractor for SunPower on the project, providing engineering and project management support, as well as installation of the photovoltaic and AC/DC electrical phases of the project. They are also responsible for the maintenence of the solar farm. The electricity it generates will pump clean energy into the local utility grid, eliminating more than 1,600 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

The City Council recently adopted a policy of using renewable energy in municipal buildings to enhance energy efficiency. One of the first projects was installed in District A, at Fire Station No. 15 off Spring Forest Rd in front of Millbrook Exchange Park. A solar thermal hot water heating system has been installed by Petra Engineering. It supplements a natural gas unit that had been the fire station’s only source of hot water. Read full story here.

Southern-Energy Management, which currently employs about 50 energy efficiency and solar professionals in the Triangle and Charlotte, has been providing sustainable energy solutions for businesses, home builders, and home owners since the company was founded in 2002. They provide both residential and commercial solutions for solar thermal hot water systems and photovoltaic energy producing systems. Check out some of the other awesome NC solar projects completed by SEM.