Raleigh’s Commitment to Climate Protection

Mayor McFarlane signed on to the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement through the US Conference of Mayors (USCM), a bi-partisan effort that includes over 1000 mayors that have signed on from across the United States.  The USCM has also cited this agreement in response to the failure of the executive branch to engage with the Paris Climate Accord.
The Climate Mayors initiative began more recently and also engages mayors across the country.  We have reached out to Climate Mayors to engage with their work, but their website has been inundated given recent events. We will continue to update this website as we hear back from them. I did want to share that both initiatives appear to have similar goals and objectives and both have come out in support of the Paris Climate Accord.
Mayor McFarlane remains engaged in this important issue through her commitment through the USCM and is looking forward to working with her fellow mayors at their annual conference this June where support of the Paris Climate Accord will feature prominently in the discussion of the Energy Independence and Climate Protection Task Force.

Read the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement below