October 11th, just around the corner!

Nancy McFarlane: Volunteers and supporters are a crucial part of any campaign. Over the past few weeks, with the help of volunteers, I’ve held a number of successful phonebanks and canvassed dozens of neighborhoods across our city to get the word out on the issues I champion and to encourage voters to participate in the October 11th elections.

Voting is a critical piece of a campaign – it’s how the best candidate is elected!! I need not only your enthusiasm and support on Facebook, Twitter, and at events across the city, but also your vote and the votes of your friends, neighbors and family. Help us get the word out about the October 11th elections – let others know about absentee-ballot voting and inform neighbors of your polling location. If you have friends who are not registered to vote in Wake County, remind them to register!

Information on early voting, absentee ballots, polling locations and other helpful voting information is available at www.wakeelections.com.

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail and encourage you to continue to remind fellow Raleigh residents that elections are coming up, in less than a month!