Small Business Initiative

Update: Nancy is excited to announce that on September 6, 2011, Raleigh City Council Unaminously approved and passed the Small Business Initiative. As a small business owner, Nancy understands what it takes to create jobs by expanding small business opportunity in Raleigh. Click here to read the full press release.


Nancy McFarlane: “Currently potential small business owners must submit information to several different departments within the City of Raleigh in order to meet the requirements necessary to open their doors for business.Streamlining these steps will not only help small business owners get their companies up and running more quickly and efficiently, but it will also create local jobs for Raleigh’s citizens.

So today at City Council (watch the video at 1:36), I introduced the following “Small Business Initiative” which was well-received by the Council and will be voted on next week. In light of the upcoming thousands of lay-offs from the State, now is the time for the City to make sure that we are making the process of opening a new business accessible, simplified and as hassle-free as is safely possible. People need to know that Raleigh is open for business!

I.Establish a Small Business Office within City Government

Navigating what is required to open a small business in Raleigh can be confusing and frustrating. There needs to be a place in City Government where small business owners can go and have an advocate. A single point of contact where they can go to learn all they need to do, coordinate inspections, and streamline the permitting process necessary to open and expand a small business in Raleigh.

II.Establish a Small Business Commission

A nine member Commission made up of small business owners and those who assist small businesses. Their charge will include identifying issues, challenges, and problems facing small business in dealing with the City, to mentor prospective small business, and give direction to the City’s Small Business Office.

III.Engage Citizens and Coordinate Private Small Business Assistance.

Some of the smartest people in the world have chosen to make Raleigh their home, and we have a number of non profit organizations dedicated to assisting small business.The City should do more to engage the enormous talent we have here and help coordinate all the private assistance available to small businesses.”