What Do You Like About Raleigh? Check out Nancy’s second TV Ad

Nancy McFarlane:

There is a lot to love about our city.

Raleigh consistently ranks as the best place to live and work in America because our residents have access to great jobs, excellent schools and a high quality of life.

I’m running for Mayor because I want to ensure that Raleigh continues to be one of the best places to live and work in the country.

My second TV ad, which you can watch here, highlights reasons why people like you choose to call Raleigh home.

There are so many reasons why Raleigh is a successful city. It’s important for our leadership to recognize all of the pieces that create a liveable, viable place: small business opportunities, parks, public art, transit, investments in our infrastructure and more!

After you are done watching the ad, be sure to remind 5 friends about the October 11 election.

And tell me what you love most about Raleigh on my campaign’s Facebook page!

Click here to watch my first TV ad, which outlines my leadership experience and some of the issues that I am dedicated to.