Help needed in gathering yard signs

Campaign Manager Sagar Sane:

Right now, there are THOUSANDS of yard signs still up on streets and in neighborhoods across Raleigh.

These signs need to be collected and brought in to our office. Unfortunately, I cannot collect them all on my own.

I need your help to gather up these signs. 

If you a see a sign from one of the campaigns listed below, pick it up and drop it by our campaign office. We’re located at 5932A Six Forks Road in the Twin Forks office park.

Or you can give us a call at (919) 322-0239 and we’ll come to you to collect the bundle of signs.

Please DO NOT take signs from yards unless the owners give you permission to do so. 

Thanks so much for your help!

Signs that you can pick up:

Nancy McFarlane for Mayor
Russ Stephenson for Council At-Large
Randy Stagner for City Council District A
Eugene Weeks for City Council District C
Christine Kushner for School Board
Jim Martin for School Board
Keith Sutton for School Board
Susan Evans for School Board
Yes on the Bonds