Honored to have received the endorsement of the The News & Observer

Nancy McFarlane:

I awoke this morning to find that I had received the endorsement of the The News & Observer.  This was a spectacular surprise to start the day off!

The News & Observer was first printed back in 1865 as The Sentinel and eventual transformed into The News, which merged with The Observer.  I am proud to have the valued trust of one of the oldest and most prominent publications in our state.

The N&O explains their endorsement of my campaign:

The News & Observer’s editorial endorsement goes to Nancy McFarlane, for her council experience, for her ability to listen to others, for her connections with average citizens (she worked her way into politics as an advocate for neighborhood concerns), and because she is entitled to share in the credit for good decisions about Raleigh’s future. Her business experience, from the ground up as an entrepreneur, is valuable in terms of helping others who would like to do the same and create jobs in the process…

…The city must be innovative and creative as it prepares to meet future challenges. McFarlane is well-suited to lead those efforts… Read more


I look forward to continue serving our city as mayor.  Early voting is in progress, and I need your support!  Please vote early at 337 S Salisbury Street in Downtown Raleigh.  If you are unable to early vote, election day is October 11.  Find your polling location and be sure to bring friends and family with you to vote.  Volunteer to help at the polls or make phone calls to voters before the election.

The future of Raleigh’s growing economy and award winning quality of life are at stake, and I need your support now than ever.  Vote!

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